January - March 2017

A celebration of winter in Western Newfoundland – Crisp air mornings, rugged afternoons and toasty evenings await.


  • February 17
  • 8pm - 10pm
  • $25.00

Hard Ticket’s production starring Rebecca Pike and Mark Bradbury. $15 student tickets available.

Constellations is a two-person show that presents a single relationship, between the characters Marianne and Roland, as a series of possibilities. The characters are seen to recreate, slightly, several important moments from their relationship. They meet, fall in love, get married or they meet, don’t fall in love, and don’t get married. They stay together, they break up. It’s an ingenious piece of theatre that allows for multiple views of the same two people. Central to the story that slowly unfolds, is that the couple is also forced to deal with the ultimate reality of life: death.

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